​“Classical education goes against the grain of much contemporary culture. It makes pampered children work hard. It forces the television generation to read. Teachers will have to convince students that the good, the true, and the beautiful have more value than the glittering prizes of pop culture and the easy answers of relativism.”
- Gene Edward Veith and Andrew Kern, Classical Education: The Movement Sweeping America 


A Classical and Kingdom Education Model will serve as our blueprint for instruction and learning.  Phonics, critical thinking skills, writing, reading, and mathematical development will be our rigor and standard.  Our curriculum is designed so that everything a student learns/does is understood and in line with God’s purpose and plan for His creation.

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Curriculum Highlights:

  • Biblically-integrated curriculum

  • Bible as a core subject

  • Foreign language introduction (2nd-5th grade Latin and 6th-8th grade Spanish)

  • Fine arts focus through music and art classes weekly

  • Strong phonics-based program (Saxon) to promote better reading skills and comprehension

  • Emphasis on pre-writing skills and written communication

  • Strong grammar focus through Shurley Grammar  

  • Engaging thematic units promote an understanding of science through ACSI science curriculum  

  • Bible and history connection through use of Veritas Press
  • Grade-level emphasis on literature and reading

  • Use of manipulatives and technology for a strong math curriculum using Saxon math

  • Gross motor skills development implemented through physical education classes

  • Curriculum-aligned field trips and activities