Extended Day Hours

6:30am to 6:00pm

Extended Day


Registration for Enrichment Day: $75 (per family)

Extended Day for L.E.A.D. students: $75 a week per child ($50 morning only)

Tutoring: $25 per session

Piano: $25 per lesson

Voice: $25 per lesson

Little Mozarts: $25 per lesson

Dance: $50 a month (once a week)

*The students rotate through study hall, snack, playground time, reading room, game room, etc.


2017-2018 Extended Day Application

Music Lab Enrollment Form

Music Lab Payment Schedule  

Dance Form



L.E.A.D. Academy’s enrichment program is for L.E.A.D. students only. We seek to provide enlightening curriculum and developmental activities that enhance the child’s after school experience and encourage lifelong learning.