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Schedule a Visit

Sometimes questions are best answered in person.  If you’re considering L.E.A.D. Academy for your child(ren), we’d encourage you to schedule an on-site visit.

Many of our most frequently asked questions are addressed by meeting our staff and taking a tour of our facility.


 Questions we most often hear include:

  • Is your campus secure?

  • What is your stance on religion?

  • What is “classical education?”

  • Where do I drop my child off?


Campus tours are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays beginning at 8:30 am with the last tour starting at 10:30 am. Student evaluations will take place on the same day as the family tour. Evaluation fees are $25.00 per student. The evaluation fee will go toward your child’s registration fee if you go through with the admissions process.

Thanks! Our staff will be in touch shortly.

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