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  • Biblically-integrated curriculum

  • Bible as a core subject

  • Foreign language introduction (2nd-5th grade Latin and 6th-8th grade Spanish)

  • Fine arts focus through music and art classes weekly

  • Strong phonics-based program to promote better reading skills and comprehension

  • Emphasis on pre-writing skills and written communication

  • Strong grammar focus through   

  • Engaging thematic units promote an understanding of science through ACSI science curriculum  

  • Bible and history connection through the use of Veritas Press

  • Grade-level emphasis on literature and reading

  • Use of manipulatives and technology for a strong math curriculum 

  • Gross motor skills development implemented through physical education classes

  • Curriculum-aligned field trips and activities

  • K4-K5 curriculum

  • 1st-6th grade curriculum

  • 7th-12th grade curriculum


To work and teach at L.E.A.D. Academy one must understand the concept and definition of Biblical integration.  Biblical integration, when done correctly in the classroom, helps shape the students’ Christian Worldview. Good biblical integration has not happened until the student learns how the Bible is relevant to the subject being taught. The Bible must be referenced while teaching.  Teachers do this by using biblical analogies, references, and scriptures. The teacher must show the student how the Bible guides them as they apply the academic discipline to real-life situations.


Our academics at L.E.A.D. focus on achieving glory for God in all aspects of life, academics being a focal point. Biblical integration is learning how a topic or subject reveals the character and nature of God. The teacher should ask, “What does the Bible say about this topic or subject?”.  There should be a discussion. The teacher encourages the student to think Biblically throughout the lessons being taught and to acknowledge that everything comes from God and everything is intended for His glory!


We teach that there is absolute truth- God’s truth. It is the measure for everything we do.  All truth is God’s Truth. To find truth we study the Bible. We point all subject areas to the Bible. All subjects are taught through what God’s truth, the Bible, says.  We reject worldviews that separate us from God’s truth.


The goal of biblical integration is for students to view a subject the way God views the subject. Simply stated, our teachers use biblical integration and  teach subjects from a Christian perspective helping the student develop a Christian worldview.


Read about our curriculum and biblical integration.

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