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The Stages of Classical Education

L.E.A.D. Academy consists of Lower, Middle, and Upper School.



The Grammar Stage involves the memorization of basic facts about a subject. This is developmentally appropriate for younger children who naturally love to chant, recite, and memorize.  Students learn how to acquire, store, and recall information, training their brains to operate efficiently for a lifetime of use.



In the Logic Stage, children learn how to integrate facts into a coherent system that reflects biblical truth. Students explore cause and effect, discover the 'why' behind the events and facts they are studying , and use reason to solve problems. This method of instruction aligns with the developmental stage of students in the middle school years. 



The final phase of classical education is the rhetoric stage, and it builds on the first two. At this point, students learn to write and speak persuasively using originality. Students learn to use the facts and logic from the first two stages to create intelligent dialogue.  Our goal is to have taught students to be bold enough to speak truth and live righteously.

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