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Choosing an Education: Begin with the End in Mind

Updated: Apr 16

H. Frank Lay, 

Head of School

Parents, you are the hero of your child’s story. On the journey of life there are many pathways you can provide for your child. Begin an educational path with the end in mind.

Our name stands for the pathway we offer. We believe in servant leadership, Godly enthusiasm, a Christ-like attitude, and being a disciple of Christ or a disciplined person. We define a disciplined person as a person who does what they are supposed to do, doing it right, doing it without being told and doing it the first time. 

We preach and teach these ideas to our students. We do this because we begin with the end in mind. We know what characteristics and qualities we want our graduates to have. Even in the secular world a servant leader with enthusiasm, a great attitude and discipline are valued. These are the people who make things happen and get things done. We aren’t just interested in handing an 18-year-old a diploma that will lead to a job. We’re interested in that, but also in the 81-year-old living well because they had a strong foundation. They moved out into the world and did some good things for God’s glory, His purpose and for their families. We want our graduates to be strong Moms and Dads. That’s what we do. That’s who we are. That’s what we’re about. 

God has equipped us and given us the opportunity to try to help you, the hero, to train up your children in the way they should go. Do we get it right every time? No, but I’ll tell you what, we’re getting after it. Our heart and soul is to help you train your child up to be leaders filled with Godly enthusiasm, and with a Christ-like attitude and discipline. God is going to hold all of us accountable for that. We understand that. If we can get it done together we’re going to make this country and families stronger and have a better world to live in. I am asking you to stay the course. 

In order to do that you’re going to have to understand it’s going to take courage and leadership on your part as the hero of your child’s story. It’s easy to get excited hanging around the younger students because they are so enthusiastic about life. Something happens, however, starting around sixth grade and students begin to get what we used to call mulligrubs (a sullen or ill-tempered and unpleasant mood). Students start making excuses and sometimes do all kinds of things in life during their teen years. They will try to manipulate every situation and make the decisions that you as the parent need to make. 

The truth is that happened to all of us in our youth. We made it through. Hang in. Ignore half of it. Don’t believe everything they tell you about this school, because we don’t believe everything they tell us about you. Let’s pull together. We are together in this great mission of training students’ hearts, souls and minds and getting students into adulthood. If you have questions or concerns, contact us, don’t let miscommunications and misunderstandings happen between us. We are partners and our mission is to help you in yours.

We want to encourage you in your endeavor to build stronger families and fully devoted followers of Christ. Our mission is to come alongside you and offer this path to grow your student spiritually, mentally and physically into an adult with a biblical worldview.


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